"Breath-Body-Mind provides rare healing and transformation."

Teresa Descilo, MSW, MCT
Executive Director
The Trauma Resolution Center
Miami, FL


Complementary and Integrative Approaches to a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

Integrative Medicine unites evidence-based science with ancient wisdom. Come explore new paths to health and wholeness.

For healthcare professionals and consumers—safe, natural treatments for stress, trauma, aging, mental & physical challenges.
For yourself, your family, your community, and our world—nurture health, love, joy & compassion.


Richard P. Brown, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry Columbia University, NY

Integrative Psychiatrist, Clinician-Researcher, Mind-Body, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, and Martial Arts teacher developed Breath-Body-Mind to quickly relieve stress and trauma.


Patricia L. Gerbarg, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry New York Medical College

Harvard-trained Psychiatrist, Clinician-Researcher, writer, consultant teaches neuroscience, integration of Breath-Body-Mind with psychotherapy, and natural treatments for mental health.

Mission Statement

We believe it is time to integrate the best of conventional and natural treatments. Although conventional medicine provides many valuable treatments, we have not yet tapped the full potential of our innate healing capacities, the medicinal properties of plants, nutrients, and other natural approaches.

We hope to increase awareness of powerful Breath-Body-Mind techniques that improve physical and mental health. The benefits have been demonstrated in health care practitioners, individuals with psychiatric and medical conditions, at-risk children, research studies, and victims of disasters including the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, Haiti earthquake, Gulf Horizon oil spill, slavery in Sudan, genocide in Rwanda, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and military service trauma.



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