I was the most relaxed I’ve ever been and I’m a combat vet.
— Military Veteran
Dr. Brown’s techniques were especially helpful to three of our youngest Iraqi Freedom Vets.
— Shad Meshad, MSW, President and Founder National Veterans Foundation
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Healing Our Heroes: Treatment Techniques to Support Family Resiliency

After serving in Iraq I began to experience post-traumatic stress in all its complexity.
— Iraq War Veteran & Military Readjustment Specialist, Amy Otzel

9 Years Later

“While attending a 2-day Breath-Body-Mind workshop with Dr. Richard Brown I felt a sensation of wholeness. The feeling was fleeting, but I now knew that it could once again be achieved. I began to consistently practice what I learned from Dr. Brown. Able to calm my body and mind, I began to thrive. I began to feel life inside of me.”

“Disconnected and detached for so long, the love known only to my thinking mind began to fill my heart. For the first time I was able to embrace my 4-year-old son and truly experience shared love and motherhood. Also for the first time I felt a more profound and deeper closeness to my spouse who had long awaited our emotional bonding. I have tapped into my inner resources and have found new meaning and purpose. I have arrived and feel welcome home.”

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Amy Graduates BBM Teacher Training 2015
Teachers: Joy Jennings, Dr. Pat Gerbarg, Dr. Richard Brown.
Graduates: Michele Whittemore, Dehanna Rice, Dr. Beth Abrams, Amy Otzel & Samuel Kirschner

Amy B. Otzel, M.A., M.S., LPC, SGT-USA (Ret)

Military readjustment Specialist

Level-3 Breath-Body-Mind Teacher


Family Resources



Healing Our Heroes Part 1

Research of Treatment Techniques to Support Family Resiliency Naturally

In this 90-minute webinar will explain the science and research support for techniques used in working with people who have endured extreme stress and trauma as well as a brief introduction Resources: Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) to simple but effective techniques that have been used in working with active duty military, first responders and disaster survivors and their families. 

Healing Our Heroes Part 2

Using & Practicing Treatment Techniques to Support Family Resiliency Naturally

In this 90-minute webinar Dr. Richard Brown explains how to use and practice techniques that will support the healing process for people who have endured extreme stress and trauma and strengthen their abilities to cope with future stress and reduce the effects of traumas. This webinar includes experiential activities that will assist in practicing healing techniques for stress and trauma.  





Aikido is an ancient martial art focused on restoring harmony by redirecting the opponent’s energy or Ki. Dr. Brown has been studying Aikido for the last 40 years with Shizuo Imaizumi, 7th Dan (


In 1996 Dr. Brown received his 4th Dan Black Belt after 3 hours of continuous testing. Intense breathing practices are an essential part of his training.


Dr. Brown Understands Military Training

Dr. Brown grew up in a military family. His father, Col. Gerhard Brown, graduate of West Point, became career military. During World War II, he served as Artillery Commander in North Africa, Sicily, and France. Col. Brown flew a total of 100,000 miles behind German lines in Operation Crossbow.

Dr. Brown’s brother, Cpt. Gerhard Brown, was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

Living on military bases, Dr. Brown first trained in martial arts (Judo and Combat Jiu Jitsu), working out with members of the Green Berets and the Marines. Later, while studying Mas Oyama’s Karate, he was required to study Zen.

For the last 40 years, Dr. Brown has studied Aikido with Shizuo Imaizumi Sensei, 7th Dan ( Aikido is a martial art focused on restoring harmony by redirecting the opponent’s energy, Ki).

Dr. Brown received his 4th Dan Black belt after 3 hours of continuous testing in 1996. [see videos #6 and #8]. Intense breathing practices have been an important part of his martial arts training.

Warriors use breathing techniques to increase situational awareness, response speed, stamina, accuracy, coordination, physical health, long life, and to unite their mind, body, and spirit.

BREATH-BODY-MIND™ is a skills-based fusion of martial arts and mind-body healing techniques. BBM enhances military training and warrior recovery.


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  • Combat requires soldiers to disconnect from their emotions and from other people.

  • Combat requires a defensive mental state.

  • Being stuck in the Defense Combat State becomes a problem when soldiers return home if they are unable to shift back into the non-defensive Relax and Relate State.

  • The Defense Combat State can severely impair the soldier’s ability to experience normal feelings and to feel emotionally connected to others, leading a sense of not belonging, isolation, mistrust, and frustration.

  • Breathing practices access and transform trauma that has been held in the mind and the body.

  • Breathing practices give warriors the skill to shift gears between the Defense Combat State and the Relax and Relate State.

  • BBM helps heal physical and mental trauma.