Samuel Jakob Kirschner


Samuel Jakob Kirschner is a healing artist, meditation teacher, and certified Breath-Body-Mind teacher.

Samuel developed The BREAZE, a five-step moving-meditation-transformational-journey to the heart. As an emotional healer, he ascribes to the perspective that “ healing emotions (Energy in MOTION) is honoring the feelings, and transforming the story we tell ourselves about it with the compassion of the breath.”

He creatively combines natural movement, dance, restorative breathing and humor, using body and breath to allow you to experience your Being, both in action and stillness. This practice is enjoyed by people of all ages, and can be shared with friends and family to keep you connected to the breath in everyday life. It can help you find relief and heal from emotional trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, loss and grief.

In 2013, Drs. Gerbarg & Brown conducted a year-long study of utilizing the breath for schizophrenic patients at a New York hospital. Samuel was one of the teachers for this study.

Samuel collaborated with Drs. Gerbarg and Brown to offer programs for the cancer care organization Gilda’s Club in 2014, in New York City. He also collaborated with them in “The Breaze” programs for Long Island high schools in 2013.

Samuel presents The Breaze during the annual B-B-M Teachers’ Training. Most recently, he presented The Breaze at The Resilient Child Workshop held at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, in October 2014.

Samuel works with patients of all ages, facilitating them to develop a breathing practice they can utilize on a daily basis to continue their process of healing.

Samuel J. Kirschner comments on his own healing journey

At some point in my struggle with anxiety and depression, I was inspired by working with Dr. Richard Brown. I was able to accept that my condition may never fully go away, and that healing it could become my resilient life path. At all times, I try paying heart-felt attention and partner my life with my breath.

I tell the truth of my experience and connect to the joy inside my breath. I am a passionate believer in daily practice. I can help you develop a daily practice of The BREAZE and celebrate your MOJOE - joy, oxygen and ease. Be empowered to choose being the victor of your breath, rather than the victim of stress.

“Samuel is an amazing healer and teacher, with phenomenal experience. He especially masters helping students become one with the breath, in stillness and movement.” Dr. Richard P. Brown

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I was born in a displaced people’s camp in Germany. I was one year old when my parents immigrated to the newly established state of Israel in 1948. While I always had an incredible capacity to enjoy life, I could just as intensely feel the pain of the world, and the deep grief and loss in my family.

Like many seekers, I have weathered bouts of anxiety and depression which spurred me to dig ever so deeper, to find the truth of my Being, and the meaning of my life. On my path to self-healing, I studied yoga, Qigong, Kabbalah, Zen & Vipassana meditation with some amazing teachers. Through my work with the AIDS community in the 1980's, I witnessed first hand, the potent resilience of our inner joy and the sacred celebration even in times of catastrophic event and life-challenging circumstance.

Practicing mindfulness has taught me the power of compassionate witnessing the present moment. Conscious breathing techniques led me to the source of healing, calm and joy within. I discovered the healing power of the breath and learned how to connect to the breath inside fear-based thoughts and move through negative feelings. Moment-by-moment, breath-by-breath, you can connect to joy in your breath, and breathe-as-one with loved ones, dead or alive.

I am eternally grateful to life as the only teacher, and to the courageous souls I have encountered, who taught me the power of compassion, and who continue to inspire and guide me on my journey to love and healing.

“Each moment, life as it is - the only teacher. Being just this moment - compassion’s way.”

Have a heart for yourself. Open your heart to the breath. Follow your joy, oxygen and ease. Celebrate the sacredness of the present moment.”

Samuel Jakob Kirschner
Founder of The BREAZE
Teacher, counselor, author, recording artist

Loving All The Way

Honor your loss & find your celebration & ease with BREAZE


Samuel J. Kirschner regularly serves communities in a number of different ways.
These offerings can be accessed through

  • BREAZE~CONFIDance Meditation Workshop, Wednesday 12:30–2:00pm. Participate via SKYPE or in person (NYC)

  • Individual counseling and coaching sessions by phone or SKYPE By appointment - Manhattan NY

  • 7-week Mentorship Program with Samuel to develop a daily practice of the five steps of the BREAZE

  • 12-week Artist Of Living In Celebration program with Samuel (By invitation)

  • The Gym 4 the Soul - Practice online breathing & moving meditation transformation

  • Voice of the BREAZE (Blog Talk Radio) & Daily Message

  • Radio BREAZE - 24 hour streaming music & meditations to Have A Heart 4 Yourself

  • BREAZE Online Store - single audio tracks & CDs for download

  • BREAZE programs for high schools, colleges and care organizations (in collaboration with Drs. Gerbarg & Brown)