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Healing Our Heroes: Treatment Techniques to Support Family Resiliency

After serving in Iraq I began to experience post-traumatic stress in all its complexity.
— Iraq War Veteran & Military Readjustment Specialist, Amy Otzel

9 Years Later

“While attending a 2-day Breath-Body-Mind workshop with Dr. Richard Brown I felt a sensation of wholeness. The feeling was fleeting, but I now knew that it could once again be achieved. I began to consistently practice what I learned from Dr. Brown. Able to calm my body and mind, I began to thrive. I began to feel life inside of me.”

“Disconnected and detached for so long, the love known only to my thinking mind began to fill my heart. For the first time I was able to embrace my 4-year-old son and truly experience shared love and motherhood. Also for the first time I felt a more profound and deeper closeness to my spouse who had long awaited our emotional bonding. I have tapped into my inner resources and have found new meaning and purpose. I have arrived and feel welcome home.”

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Amy Graduates BBM Teacher Training 2015
Teachers: Joy Jennings, Dr. Pat Gerbarg, Dr. Richard Brown.
Graduates: Michele Whittemore, Dehanna Rice, Dr. Beth Abrams, Amy Otzel & Samuel Kirschner

Amy B. Otzel, M.A., M.S., LPC, SGT-USA (Ret)

Military readjustment Specialist

Level-3 Breath-Body-Mind Teacher