Disaster Relief Information


International Journal of Yoga Therapy, No. 21 (2011)
Yoga Therapy in Practice
Mass Disasters and Mind-Body Solutions: Evidence and Field Insights

Patricia L Gerbarg, MD, 1 Gretchen Wallace, 2 Richard P. Brown, MD 3

1 New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY; 2 Global Grassroots, Hanover, NH; 3 Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY

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Mind-body practices can be highly effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD in military personnel, survivors of war and other mass disasters, and victims of abuse. These practices can be used to develop greater stress resilience. Complementary and alternative treatments...may be more acceptable to veterans because they do not involve formal psychiatric diagnoses and are not associated with psychiatric treatments.

In conditions of mass disaster...the psychological needs must also be addressed to relieve immediate suffering and to prevent long-term sequellae such as chronic PTSD with severe psychological distress and impairment in interpersonal relationships and employment.

How to Use Herbs, Nutrients & Yoga in Mental Health
Richard P Brown, MD; Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD; Philip R. Muskin, MD
W. W. Norton & Company, 2009

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Mind-Body Program for Disaster Relief

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg describes necessary components for creating an ideal Mind-Body program for disaster relief.

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg Mind-Body Healing For Disaster Relief

October 31, 2012

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg defines trauma and its consequences. She describes the power of simple breathing techniques, as complementary therapies to balance the autonomic nervous system, re-establish energy levels and a foster peaceful mind.

STWS Workshop - Dr. Richard Brown

Dr. Richard Brown conducts a B-B-M course at STWS

South Sudanese Survivors of War and Slavery Learn Breath-Body-Mind for Self-Healing

Dr. Richard Brown traveled to a remote clinic in South Sudan during the week prior to its declaration of independence from the North. Tens of thousands of South Sudan’s people are still being held captive in North Sudan where they are tortured and used as slaves. Many have been kept as slaves for over ten years. Their freedom is purchased in exchange for cow vaccine. Dr. Brown provided stress and trauma relief using Breath~Body~Mind practices for 600 newly liberated slaves. Within fifteen minutes, their grim, frozen faces transformed as the Sudanese began smiling, laughing, and eventually dancing. One group of 19 South Sudanese women have become Breath-Body-Mind teachers for the surrounding villages and the local orphanage.

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