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NOTE: This website email is not secure enough to receive confidential, personal or medical information.

1. If you are a Healthcare Provider seeking to refer a patient for treatment please do not email personal or medical information. You may leave a voice message at the office of either Dr. Richard P. Brown 914-715-1581 or Dr. Patricia Gerbarg 914-715-1580 or fax the information to 845-331-3562.

2. We are not permitted to give specific medical advice to individuals through this website. The information you and your doctor will need to help make medical decisions about including complementary treatments in your health care plan can be found in our book, How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health Care, RP Brown, PL Gerbarg, and PR Muskin (WW Norton 2009) and in our other publications (see the links to our curricula vitae under "Science" on the home page.)

3. If you are a Patient of Dr. Brown or Dr. Gerbarg, please do not email your personal or medical information. Instead, call to leave your message on the doctors' office voicemail or send a fax.

Please visit our FAQ for answers before sending us your questions. 
We are getting more e-mails than we can answer, so there may be a delay. The FAQ page will save you time. If you cannot find the answer there, you are welcome to write to us here. Thank you. 

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