Programs for Children K-12

Child learns Coherent Breathing with her Breath Buddy in After School Program. Elmira, NY.

Child learns Coherent Breathing with her Breath Buddy in After School Program. Elmira, NY.

BREATH-BODY-MIND™ practices can help children calm down, self-regulate their emotions, improve their ability to focus and learn in school, and relieve anxiety about taking tests or performing in recitals or competitions. Simple breathing techniques balance and strengthen the stress response system. For children who have experienced trauma, the movement and breathing practices enable the child to feel safer, less fearful, and freer to laugh and play, sleep more easily, reconnect with their own feelings, and relate better to others.

Children enjoy breath practices combined with music, movement, visualizations, and dancing. Each child is given a Breath Buddy, a small stuffed animal to help learn Coherent Breathing. Buddy helps children feel safe and connected.

This video contains excerpts from a video made by the students of MHSH about the benefits of Mindfulness and Coherent Breathing.

Manhattan Hunter Science High School

Manhattan Hunter Science High School is one of the most ethnically diverse free public schools in New York city. Its rigorous, demanding 9-12 curriculum, strong teaching, and innovative programs include college level courses, a black-box theater, orchestra program, robotics team, art exhibitions, research, and community service. Although students thrive in this challenging school, they also experience the pressures of intense academics and college ambitions. Principal Kevin Froner has introduced stress reduction and community building practices such as Mindfulness and, more recently, BREATH-BODY-MIND™. The students produced their own video about how they use these mind-body methods to become more aware of their own emotions, reduce stress, calm down, clear their minds, and develop better relationships by sharing with their peers.