Complementary, Alternative, Integrative Approaches to a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

Integrative Medicine unites evidence-based science with ancient wisdom. Come explore new paths to health and wholeness. For healthcare professionals and consumers—safe, natural treatments for stress, trauma, aging, mental & physical challenges. For yourself, your family, your community, and our world—nurture health, love, joy & compassion.

Meet Richard P Brown, MD

Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry Columbia University, NY

Integrative Psychiatrist, Clinician-Researcher, Mind-Body, Qigong, Yoga and Martial Arts teacher developed Breath~Body~Mind to quickly relieve stress and trauma.
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Meet Patricia L Gerbarg, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychiatry New York Medical College

Harvard-trained Psychiatrist, Clinician-Researcher, writer, consultant teaches Neuroscience, integration of Breath~Body~Mind with Psychotherapy, and natural treatments for mental health.
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Breath~Body~Mind Community

Chemung County Project

"As one of the partners in bringing the Breathe and Heal Children conference to the western region of New York State, the Chemung County Department of Mental Hygiene intends to support healthcare professionals and educators in the acquisition of this model. These techniques will be a tremendous asset in the treatment of individuals suffering from PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD, and life stress." Brian Hart, Director of Community Services, Chemung County Department of Mental Hygiene, Geneva NY
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Mission Statement

We believe it is time to integrate the best of conventional and natural treatments. Although conventional medicine provides many valuable treatments, we have not yet tapped the full potential of our innate healing capacities, the medicinal properties of plants, and other natural approaches.

We hope to increase awareness of simple but powerful Breath~Body~Mind techniques that improve physical and mental health. The benefits have been demonstrated in health care practitioners, individuals with psychiatric and medical conditions, research studies, and victims of disasters including the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, Haiti earthquake, Horizon Gulf oil spill, slavery in Sudan, and military service trauma.

  • Breath~Body~Mind

    Friday, October 23, 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

    The Healing Power of Breath: Simple Techniques to Balance Mood and Reduce Anxiety, Stress & Addictive Behaviors

    New York Open Center
    22 East 30th Street
    New York City

    • Richard P. Brown, MD

  • Breath~Body~Mind

    November 6-8, 2015 Friday - Sunday 2 nights

    The Resilient Child: Breath~Body~Mind for Emotional Regulation, Learning, and Well-Being

    • Richard P. Brown, MD
    • Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD
    • Joy Bennett-Jennings,ERYT-500

  • Breath~Body~Mind

    November 20th 6:00 p.m. - Sunday November 22nd 1:00 p.m.

    Staying Younger as You Live Longer

    Mohonk Mountain House

    • Richard P. Brown MD
    • Patricia L. Gerbarg MD


HERBS in the News

Juliette escaped from the 80th floor. Rhodiola helped her recover from the trauma of 9/11.
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SUDAN Service Project

One week before Independence Day Dr. Brown taught B~B~M to 600 South Sudanese liberated from slavery in the North.
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Details Forthcoming


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Dr Richard Brown - Breathing & Rhythms

Dr. Richard Brown explains how breathing rhythms bring the mind and the heart into harmony.

Why is Breathing Important?

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg explains why breathing techniques can have powerful effects on the mind and emotions.

Update on Chemung County Project: Breathe & Heal 2015

Breathe & Heal April 2015, sponsored by Chemung County Department of Mental Hygiene drew over 80 educators and health care professionals. Recent reorganization of schools and job loss have increased community stress. Children impacted by stress show decreased focus and increased behavioral problems, bullying and school violence. Participants learned Breath-Body-Mind techniques to reduce stress, regulate emotions and improve learning and behavior.

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What People Say About Breath~Body~Mind

“Dr. Gerbarg’s lecture was the highlight for me. I knew there must be specific neurological pathways that are activated…so to learn how that happens connects the dots for me, and will help me explain why it works to skeptical colleagues.”
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I immediately felt like I had to bring this back to the high school students I teach. So on Monday I asked my colleagues if they’d be willing to change our plans for the day so that I could teach some of the basics I learned over the weekend. They were happy to. For the past two days our physical education classes learned the movements and the breathing. I started with a discussion about the nervous system. We practiced the shaking, “ha” movements, discussed the 5 breaths/minute and used the chimes from the Respire 1 CD for 8-10 minutes. Around 500 students had this experience. Many students thanked me after class and some wanted to do it again soon. There were 8 students over the two days who were resistant so I told them that was fine and asked them to just sit quietly on the side. Funny thing was, by the time we got to the breathing they were laying down participating! I am thankful to have this new knowledge in my bag of tricks! - Lisa Pietrocarlo, School Teacher - Chemung County Project

“Since that weekend I have only missed 1 day of breathing with your CD! I am so proud of myself and I feel like I have a whole new life! I notice so much more energy and my spirit feels positive and more confident. It is my daily ‘gift/treat’ to myself!” Read more »

“Due to new [lung] nodules found in recent CT, I was sent for PFT [pulmonary function test] follow up. The PFT showed sizeable improvements [in breathing] compared to last year’s test, even with the increase in nodules. I can feel the difference after a short time using what you taught at the workshop. You can chalk up another success story.” - Wayne, FDNY
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“I loved the Yoga, Mind & Mental Health Conference and thank you so much for imparting your and Dick’s great knowledge and wisdom. I am a teacher of Kundalini Yoga here in London and found so much of value. With Blessings,” - Colin, Kundalini Yoga Teacher
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“…Dr. Richard Brown conducted a two-day workshop on the Breath-Body-Mind techniques for the staff of the National Veterans Foundation. The NVF team has been exposed to and trained in several modalities of stress reduction. The Breath-Body-Mind breathing procedure had a great impact on our staff of ten war veterans who work at the NVF.” - Shad Meshad, MSW, Founder & Director NVF
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“…his voice, timing, and compassionate energy created space to go deep into exploration of breath mind body and spirit…” Breath~Body~Mind Workshop Participant at the Zen Center for Contemplative Care, NY
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“What a powerful and prescription-free antidote for ADHD and stress. Entering Drs. Brown and Gerbarg’s workshop with several conversations going on in my head, I always leave with a quiet mind, a perfect clarity about what I am to do next… Whenever the demands of living in NYC impinge on my productivity, I can downshift into the breathing techniques Dr. Brown patiently and expertly teaches. Anywhere. Anytime." - V. H.
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