Steven DeWater, MSW, LMSW

Clinical Social Work & Counseling of the Finger Lakes

Elmira, New York

I am a Licensed Social Worker who is currently positioned in an Employee Assistance context within a nonprofit called 'Able2 Enhancing Potential' that specializes in supports and services for Intellectually and/or Developmentally Disabled populations. I also maintain a private practice at Clinical Social Work & Counseling Services of the Finger Lakes.

Demands placed on workers of any industry, coupled with the day-to-day quandaries of navigating community and life, may culminate in the unmanageability of stress and/or anxiety, which may signify an increased need for adequate administrative response, additional education and training, and emotional and cognitive support via employee assistance offerings. As an Occupational Social Worker, I use Breath-Body-Mind as a holistic approach to restoration and wellness to assist workers and clients with enhancing their quality of life by increasing healthy coping skills, self-reflection, and personal accountability.