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London Conference: Yoga in Healthcare Alliance

London Conference: Yoga in Healthcare Alliance

Conference: Yoga In Healthcare Alliance (YIHA)

February 15-17, 2019

The University of Westminster, London, UK

The Yoga in Health Care Alliance (YIHA) is a social enterprise that is enabling the UK National Health Service to provide yoga to its patients. 

We are also developing a model that can be used by other healthcare providers in the UK and internationally. There is significant robust evidence for yoga as an effective ‘mind-body’ medicine that can both prevent and manage chronic health issues and it also delivers significant cost savings to healthcare providers. 

Our first job is to enable the National Health Service (NHS) and yoga teachers to work together effectively. 


Keynote Addresses by Dr. Patricia Gerbarg and Dr. Richard P. Brown: 
Breath-Body-Mind for Stress, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Recovery from Mass Disasters, and Physical and Emotional Wellbeing 

Treatment of psychological consequences of mass disasters is essential to recovery for individuals and communities. Lessons learn from using mind-body practices to treat mass disaster survivors indicate that powerful mind-body practices can provide significant relief of anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress, pain, and medical illnesses. Mind-body programs are inexpensive, adaptable to different cultures and conditions, and can be taught rapidly to large numbers of people. Train-the-trainer programs can be offered to community leaders, healthcare professionals, schoolteachers, clergy, parents, veterans, and volunteers. 

Breath-Body-Mind (BBM) is a unique fusion of techniques drawn from qigong, yoga, Buddhist meditation, Orthodox Christian monks, martial arts, Open Focus Attention Training, and modern neuroscience. Specific practices balance the autonomic system, relieve stress, raise energy levels, regulate mood, enhance performance, reduce inflammation, dissolve pain, and enhance the sense of connection to oneself and others. 

Clinical issues, indications, contraindications, risks, benefits, and guidelines for augmenting psychotherapy with voluntarily regulated breathing practices (VRBPs) will be included. Cases illustrate restoration of connectedness/ bonding through VRBPs that shift the individual from defensive states of fear/anger to states of safety and bonding. 

During these addresses, Dr. Brown leads attendees in VRBPs and movement practices that have been studied and used for relief of stress and trauma following mass disasters: Southeast Asian tsunami; earthquake in Haiti; New York World Trade Center attacks; gulf Horizon oil spill; war, slavery and genocide in South Sudan Uganda and Rwanda; and Middle Eastern and Rohingya refugee children. 

Workshop Description: 
Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg teach a unique blend of voluntarily regulated breathing practices, tapping, movement, visualization, and sound healing. This program combines Coherent Breathing with Breath Moving, Qigong movements, Ocean Breath, and Open Focus Meditation. Mindfulness of breath and of changes in mental/physical states are cultivated. Their specific teaching methods optimize the benefits of each breath practice. Participants will receive one-on-one monitoring and fine-tuning of their Coherent breathing technique. Group processes enhance learning. 

Other speakers include: 
Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa, Dr. Michael Dixon, Heather Mason, Dr. Tina Cartwright, Kalwant Sahota, Dr. Laura Madeley, Emily Brett, Dr. Karen Pilkington, Dr. Ned Harfield, Dr. Holly Kahya, and Melissa Wickremasinghe, MD