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Breath-Body-Mind Teacher Training Level-3

  • Kripalu Yoga Center Lenox, MA (map)

Breath-Body-Mind Teacher Training Level-3 supports BBM teachers who wish to learn more advanced techniques, develop their skills in providing healing practices for more severely challenged populations, and acquire certification to help train Level-1 BBM teachers. Candidates are expected to have gained experience in BBM teaching as well as assisting at workshops. 


  • Completion of Level-2 BBM Teacher Training

  • Regular practice of Coherent Breathing and other techniques for at least 20 min a day at least 5 days per week referable 7)

  • Experience teaching Coherent Breathing and other BBM movement and breathing techniques in the work setting.

  • Demonstration of innovative use of Breath-Body-Mind, developing programs using Breath-Body-Mind, initiating the use of B-B-M in work settings, participating in research on breath techniques, or exceptional efforts to volunteer and assist at workshops.

BBM Level-3 Teacher Training is an intensive one-week program offered once a year at Kripalu Yoga Institute in Lenox Mass. Candidates for Level-3 attend the same workshop as students for Level-1. During this training, the Level-3 candidates assist in training the Level-1 students. Level-3 candidates lead parts of the training and receive feedback on their teaching techniques. 

What you will learn: 

  • to train others in how to teach Coherent Breathing and other practices.

  • more advanced BBM techniques with Dr. Brown.

  • using breathwork in psychotherapy with Dr. Gerbarg.

  • skills to become leaders in training others and developing programs in your areas of interest.

  • explain the basic scientific principles for the effects of breathing practices on stress response, sympatho-vagal balance, heart rate variability, anxiety, social engagement, bonding, inflammation, and respiratory function.

  • create and maintain resource materials including manuals, research articles, lecture notes. Those interested in giving lectures may develop Powerpoint slide presentations

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CEUs will be available 

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