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Breath-Body-Mind Teacher Training Level-2

  • Kripalu Yoga Center Lennox, MA (map)

Level-2 Teacher Training, an intensive one-week program, provides additional skills with practice teaching breathing techniques with movements (Four Golden Wheels, Great Harmonizer of Breath, 4-4-6-2, and Energy Ball); additional breath practices (Resistance Breathing, Ujjayi, Breath Moving circuits, Song-Kong-Dong-Tong), Group Processes, and more. Updates on scientific developments and discussions about incorporating breath practices into psychotherapy, school programs, disaster relief, military, hospitals, and other settings will be provided. 

Participants receive coaching on their teaching techniques as they practice teaching individuals and groups throughout this training. 

What you will learn: 

  • Hone your BBM Teaching Skills

  • Develop confidence in your ability to teach groups

  • Learn sequences and highly effective combinations of techniques

  • Obtain guidance on how to integrate BBM into your work setting

  • Improve your abilities to assist and work with more challenging clients

  • Increase your understanding of the science of breath


Call: 866-200-5203 Or visit: 

CEUs will be available 

For more information about BBM Teacher Training Levels, please visit:  
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